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How to Handle Religious Differences with Your Ex-Spouse

religious differencesEven if you and your spouse maintained the same religious views while you were married, often times after divorce your ideals may drift apart. This can cause contention in a co-parenting relationship as you may end up on opposing ends of the religiou

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burton-law-attorneyAt Burton Law Firm, family law is all we do. That means the attorneys at our office have years of experience in assisting clients with the things that matter. We have handled numerous cases for our clients ranging from simple to complex. Divorce with

Post-Divorce Parenting Tips

parenting post divorceIt’s easy to get swept up in the wake that follows divorce. Although you now have separate households, you still share parenting responsibilities. Parenting decisions still have to be made, you still have to compromise, and you need to remain aware

Did Your Ex Claim Your Child on Their Taxes?

ex claimed childThe matter of which party gets to claim a child on their taxes has been a hot topic this month at our firm. Though in some cases the decree may simply state which party gets to claim the child in accordance with it being an even or odd year, it can o

Why Does My Attorney Want to Settle?

family law settlementIt may feel like a slap in the face if your attorney comes to you with a settlement offer from the other party, especially if your case is on the road to trial. The offer may catch you by surprise. Settlement offers may be made throughout a family la

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