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Burton Law Firm provides value and quality. At Burton Law Firm we understand that each client is unique and has special needs for their situation, which require personal attention.

When you hire Burton Law Firm and become part of our family, you can be sure that your case will be handled with efficiency and professionalism. We have the goal of spending quality time with clients to assess the individual needs of our clients during the consultation stage and after the case is over.

I Don’t Want to Get Divorced

utah divorceDivorce can be particularly painful when you want to remain married. In most cases, one party initiates the divorce even though the other party may not be agreement. You may have seen it coming for years, or it may be a complete shock to know your sp

Meet Our Paralegals

paralegalAt Burton Law Firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer exceptional client care. A large part of our ability to have such a high level of client care is because of our outstanding paralegals. Your paralegal will have a large role in your case,

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

divorce attorney UtahIt’s said that attorneys are like dentists, most people only see them if they have a problem. At what point do you need to retain an attorney? Is your issue a constant distraction and taking away from your peace of mind?   While the decision t

Is January the Right Time to Divorce?

divorce januaryIf the new year suddenly has you itching to get divorced, you’re not the only one. Divorce rates take a big jump in January, according to a recent University of Washington study. So, what is it that has everyone thinking about divorce? There are se

Is My Ex Brainwashing My Child?

brainwashing childIt can be frustrating when you are trying to do what’s best for you child when you feel your ex is using your child as a pawn. Unfortunately, in many situations it’s the children who often experience the greatest emotional toll when custody is in

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