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Divorce or Counseling: Navigating the Crossroads of Marriage

Marriage, an intricate and evolving bond, often faces challenges that test its foundation. At Burton Law Firm, we understand the complexity of deciding between divorce and seeking marriage counseling when a relationship hits a rough patch. Exploring these options with clarity and guidance is essential to make informed decisions about the future of your relationship. […]

Tips for a Healthier Co-Parenting Schedule

Every parent wishes to spend most of their time with their children. However, once the marriage comes to a divorce, parents push even harder to be an integral part of their children’s lives. Many studies show how shared parenting should be standard for any child after a divorce.  It’s clear that even after a divorce, […]

Parental Rights Termination FAQ

There are many responsibilities and rights to anyone who has a child. Parents have the obligatory responsibility to provide food, water, shelter, healthcare, and entertainment to their children. Education and religion are also important decisions that parents have the right to make for their children. These rights and responsibilities and how parents handle them are […]

How to decide a Divorce is the Right Choice?

It is often difficult to decide whether a relationship is truly over. Perhaps you have a relationship filled with problems and fighting. The sheer number of issues can make it seem impossible to ever get things back on track with your partner. In other cases, maybe there are just a few issues, but they have […]

Grounds for Divorce in Utah

(a) impotency of the respondent at the time of marriage; (Impotency of the respondent at the time of marriage means that there was a physical or mental condition that existed that prohibited the consummation of the marriage. Consummation is the first sexual intercourse between a married couple. Respondent is the partner whom the Divorce Complaint […]

How a Bad Marriage can Effect Children

Many parents hold a common misconception that their children will always fare better if they stay together. Divorce is never easy, but avoiding it to keep a “happy family” together is not necessarily a wise choice. Children respond to their environment in ways that are different from adults. They are not as likely to understand […]

Common “Last Straws” in Marriage

When we think of a “last straw” in marriage we tend to think of some giant issue or uncovered truth where it is impossible to come back from.  Hollywood has programmed us to think of images of someone cheating or hiding large sums of money from their spouse.  While it is true that these situations […]

Things Couples do that may Cause a Divorce

Much of our content focuses on how to help people once they are facing or are certain divorce is going to take place.  As a family law firm, our natural response is to provide guidance during these troubling times.  Despite the fact that we provide legal counsel for people going through a divorce, we would […]

How Can a Lawyer Help with Child Support?

A family court experience can be a trying time. Ease your burden by working with a child support attorney if support becomes an issue. Child support negotiations can be complicated enough, and high emotion can lead to unproductive meetings and poor decisions. Your child support attorney can represent the best interests of your family in a calm, professional, and […]

A Father’s Paternity Rights Explained

According to a Pew Research Center study on the rise of new family types, 41 percent of children today are born to unwed parents. This means many unwed parents are dealing with legal issues like visitation rights, custody, child support, and more. Courts presume that children benefit from having strong relationships with both parents, so unwed fathers […]