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How to Collect Child Support Payments If Your Ex Goes to Jail

If your ex-spouse is incarcerated, collecting child support payments can be challenging. However, you can do a few things to make the process easier. This blog post will discuss how child support payments are handled when one parent is in jail. We will also provide tips on getting the money you deserve! When a parent […]

What Happens if My Child Turns 18 but my Ex Still Owes Child Support?

  If you are a parent who is owed child support, and your child turns 18, you may wonder what happens next. The good news is that the obligation to pay child support does not end simply because your child has reached adulthood. The bad news is that collecting overdue payments can be more complicated […]

What are the Primary Concerns in Resolving Parenting Issues?

When it comes to resolving parenting issues, there are a few primary concerns that need to be taken into account. The first is the well-being of the child. This means that the child’s needs must be taken into account and given priority in any decisions that are made. Parents need to be able to work […]

How to Financially Win in a Divorce

When it comes to divorce, the two most important factors are usually child custody and finances. Often, the deciding factor in who wins financially is who can best present their case to the court. Here are a few tips to help you stand a better chance of winning financially in a divorce: 1) Make a […]

Understanding Child Support in Joint Custody Cases

Child support and custody is usually one of Utah’s most significant and most complex portions of divorce. This is because no two cases are alike, and outcomes depend on various factors. Many parents have assumptions about joint custody and, therefore, child support payments. For example, it may make sense to some to assume that if […]

Can I Reduce or Cancel Child Support in Utah?

The Office of Recovery Services (ORS) is an agency located within the Utah Department of Human Services. Within ORS, Child Support Services (CSS) is responsible for collecting child and medical support.  They offer a wide range of services designed to help both children and parents dealing with family law-related issues.  This includes vital aspects such […]

Can You Lose Child Custody for Failing to Pay Child Support?

Child support is an argumentative issue between divorcing parents. But once the court has ordered you to pay support, you are legally bound by this directive and must make all the payments until the order is terminated or modified. If you should not, there can be severe consequences, including jail. However, it’s extremely unlikely to […]

Parental Rights Termination FAQ

There are many responsibilities and rights to anyone who has a child. Parents have the obligatory responsibility to provide food, water, shelter, healthcare, and entertainment to their children. Education and religion are also important decisions that parents have the right to make for their children. These rights and responsibilities and how parents handle them are […]

Can I Get Back Due Child Support?

It may surprise you to know that according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Mothers and Fathers Child Support Report in 2017, less than half of all parents received the total ordered child support amount from their ex-spouse. This is troubling, primarily because this money is meant to help support children that do not live with […]

How is Child Support Calculated in Utah?

Divorce can be such a traumatic time for a family, especially when children are involved.  In an effort to help lessen this impact, both parents will want to consider what is best for their children and consider ways to help minimize change to the schedule, lifestyle, and habits.  One consideration is child support.  How is […]