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Paternity Law in Utah

Paternity law is important to us at Burton Law Firm. Establishing and protecting paternity rights is an essential part of family law. We will do everything in our ability to help you and your loved ones through this complicated time.

Paternity Disputes & Fathers’ Rights Under Paternity Law in Utah

When it comes to becoming a parent, the situations that surround men and women are drastically different and determining the identity of a child’s father is not always easy. In some cases, men deny allegations of fathering a child. On the other hand, there are cases where men are denied as being the father by the biological mother. Either way, the situation is stressful.

How an experienced paternity attorney can help

At Burton Law Firm, we have assisted and successfully represented numerous clients dealing with paternity law issues in Utah. Because of our experience in dealing with a wide range of paternity-related cases, we can assist clients whether or not they claim to be the father of the child.

If needed, we can also provide the necessary legal assistance to settle custody issues, and visitation arrangements, and help determine the appropriate spousal or child support in Utah.

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Because of the overall complexity surrounding paternal issues, not all men respond in a uniform fashion to being identified, or denied, as the father. Some men would dispute the allegations, while others would strongly assert their parental rights when denied fatherhood.

Whether or not a man is adjudicated as a father can have life-altering impacts on not only the man but also the mother and the child at issue. If a man is determined to be the biological father of a child, he has rights with that child that may need to be enforced, i.e. child support, parent-time, custody, decision making, etc. These issues can become complicated, especially when taking the best interests of a child into account. Such important matters should be handled only under the skilled guidance of legal professionals. We at Burton Family Attorneys offer the skill and experience you need to help with your paternity issue; whether you are a father fighting for his rights or a mother protecting a child’s best interests.

If you find yourself in such a scenario, the best course of action would be to look for legal counsel and representation as soon as possible. A skilled paternity attorney in Ogden, Utah is one of the most critical things to have when confronted with issues about paternity law.