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Understanding Child Custody Agreement Modifications: Insights from Burton Family Attorneys


Understanding Child Custody Agreement Modifications: Insights from Burton Family Attorneys Divorce is a challenging process, and when children are involved, it becomes even more complex. Child custody agreements are pivotal in ensuring the well-being of the children post-divorce. However, life is unpredictable, and circumstances change, sometimes necessitating modifications to these agreements. At Burton Family Attorneys, […]

Child Custody: A Comprehensive Guide


Child Custody: A Comprehensive Guide Welcome to Burton Family Law’s family blog, where we share insightful information and expertise on family legal matters. In today’s post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of child custody and explore the process of making modifications when circumstances change. At Burton Family Law, we understand the importance of guiding families […]

Can You Take A Vacation with Your Child After A Divorce?

Vacations are wonderful opportunities for bonding, creating memories, and exploring new horizons with your child. However, when divorced or separated parents plan to travel with their child, it’s essential to consider child custody arrangements and legal implications. At Burton Law Firm, we understand the nuances involved in managing child custody during vacation planning and offer […]

How Divorced Parents Plan Summer Vacations

Summertime is an excellent opportunity for parents to reconnect with their children – if only they could agree on activities and vacations! With the divorce rate in America still hovering around 50%, many families with young children face this challenge. Parents must work together to reach an agreement that works best for everyone involved when […]

What Constitutes an Unfit Parent in Utah?

The legal process of deeming a parent unfit for legal custody is complex and involves many factors. Generally speaking, a court will consider all relevant evidence when making this determination, including the overall best interests of the child or children in question and any potential risks from allowing confident parents to have custody. The court […]

How Is Child Custody Decided?

  When two parents divorce, one of the most difficult things to determine is child custody. It’s often an emotional and heated process, as both parents want what’s best for their child. In order to make a fair determination, there are a number of factors that are considered. Here are the 8 things that determine […]

What are the Primary Concerns in Resolving Parenting Issues?

When it comes to resolving parenting issues, there are a few primary concerns that need to be taken into account. The first is the well-being of the child. This means that the child’s needs must be taken into account and given priority in any decisions that are made. Parents need to be able to work […]

Keeping Your Child Safe With an Abusive Spouse

When going through a divorce, you may feel lost on how to protect your child from your abusive partner.  Unfortunately, getting the complete picture of everything your child may be experiencing can be challenging, especially in a different household. Here are some ways to minimize the risk of abuse. Keeping your child safe Dealing with […]

Do Mothers Always Win Sole Custody

Will the Mother Always Win Sole Custody? It’s a common misconception that mothers always win in custody battles. However, there is no guarantee that a particular parent will be awarded custody of their child. The outcome of a custody case can depend on many factors, including: • The laws of the state where the lawsuit […]

Do You Need Permission to Travel?

If you’re planning a family vacation for the summer, you may want to consult the time-sharing agreement to understand the availability for your children to travel. Sometimes, depending on your child custody arrangement, traveling with your children can be easy to schedule, however, most of the time it can be complicated to navigate through the […]