Things Couples do that may Cause a Divorce


Much of our content focuses on how to help people once they are facing or are certain divorce is going to take place.  As a family law firm, our natural response is to provide guidance during these troubling times.  Despite the fact that we provide legal counsel for people going through a divorce, we would […]

The National Divorce Rate is Decreasing, Except for Utah


Local news station KUTV has recently reported that divorce rates have declined throughout the United States, except in New York and Utah.  On average divorce rates are down by almost 20 percent.  In Utah, divorce rates have slightly increased over the last 10 years by nearly 3 percent.  Another interesting differential is that national marriages […]

Utah Residents Cite the Most Common Reasons for a Divorce


Utah residents cite the most common reasons for a divorce Whether you have been married and in a relationship for just a few years, or decades you know that couples can have their ups and downs.  Although the overall rate of divorce has recently decreased, it is still interesting and helpful to know the main […]

How is Spousal Support Calculated?


Spousal support is essentially the same term as alimony, although that is a somewhat antiquated term.  In Utah, awarding spousal support is determined by the court, and the terms are up to their discretion.  The court will generally request a financial statement from both parties in order to determine several factors.  This includes but is […]

Should I Get a Prenup?


Did you recently become engaged? Are you planning a wedding this holiday season? When preparing for a wedding there are many items to consider before the big day, including prenups. Couples may be hesitant to place this item on their list, but they can be very helpful when planning a future together. Many individuals have the […]

Can My Marriage Be Saved?


You’re sitting in the lobby of an attorney’s office and that’s when you ask yourself, “Is there a chance my marriage can be saved?” Ultimately, you are the only person who can answer this difficult question. Not your family member, not your counselor, not your best friend, and not even your attorney. You are the one who […]