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Utah residents cite the most common reasons for a divorce

Whether you have been married and in a relationship for just a few years, or decades you know that couples can have their ups and downs.  Although the overall rate of divorce has recently decreased, it is still interesting and helpful to know the main reasons a divorce happens.  Some issues can be resolved, while others may be cited as the final straw.  Everyone and their relationship are unique.  Perhaps ending a relationship is the best decision, on the other hand, maybe you can save your marriage and that is best.  Regardless of your situation, there are common issues that can result in divorce in Utah.  Let’s take a look at the most common reasons below.

What issues commonly lead to a divorce?

  1. A lack of romantic experiences

This issue is interesting because it does not necessarily mean that someone cheated.  Rather the so-called “passion” has been gone for a long time.  Another way of looking at this is that the spouses are no longer intimate.  The romance has long left their relationship and they just view each other as dear friends, rather than people who are romantically in love.  It can be difficult to keep the fire burning after so many years.  However, it may be a good idea to look at how you and your spouse view each other.  Many people find they are ending their marriage, not because of dishonesty or spousal abuse, but simply because the feelings have changed.

  1. Infidelity or extramarital affairs

In over half of all divorced partners, cheating has been cited as the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Most of the time cheating doesn’t just happen suddenly.  Rather, it is the final culmination of issues that have not been addressed and have accumulated over time.  In many cases, people have reported that they or their partner cheated because they felt neglected.  This goes along with fear of abandonment or insecurity issues.

  1. Getting married too young

For a variety of reasons, residents of Utah get married younger than almost anywhere else in the nation.  Around 40% of divorced people report that they felt they were married at a young age.  Although it is often said that when you find the right person you simply know it, statistics show that the younger a couple get married the more likely the marriage will end in a divorce.  Reasons for this vary, but for the most part participants in studies claim that they or their partner change throughout the years.

What to do if you are considering a divorce?

If you live in Utah you don’t have to go through the legal process of a divorce on your own.  Consider calling Burton Family Attorneys at (801) 393-1106 to speak with a professional and schedule a consultation.

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