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As a newly separated mom or dad, you may be questioning what your child’s living situations will be.  More importantly, how you and any co-parent will make decisions on behalf of your child.  Utah law requires that divorced couples looking for joint custody of their children draft a mutually created co-parenting plan.  This document covers vital information including visitation routines, as well as resolutions should there be any conflicts about where the child will primarily live and parenting time.

Utah courts generally mandate that separating partners come to an arrangement on their own concerning physical as well as legal custody.  The latter of which worries decisions concerning education and learning, religious beliefs, health and wellness and other of life’s’ main concerns. The underlying goal is that parents who work together and make decisions will be able to stay amicable.  A well-crafted parenting plan will help reduce conflict that can be stressful to any kids that were born before or during the marriage.  In general, if you can come to your own agreements, you stand a better chance of being happy with the results.  As opposed to judgments that can be enforced from the courts or through a mediator.  No one knows your children as you do.  Both parents should be working towards what is best for the children.  Taking into account their likes, dislikes, preferred living situations, hobbies, interests, educational needs and desired social setting.

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Sometimes we see situations where parents want to have joint custody, but cannot fully agree on a visitation timetable.  When this happens a judge will consider several aspects in order to determine the terms of visitation.  Important factors include the age of the children, each parent’s relationship with the child, as well as what school or daycare schedules currently are.  Geographic locations are also taken into account as well as where each parent currently lives.

Besides picking a visitation schedule, your plan will also address other factors including:

  • Where the child’s primary residence will be, and how transportation is to be handled when the children need to travel from place to place.
  • How disagreements will be addressed should they arise in the future.  This includes how moving will be addressed should one parent wish to move out of state.
  • How your children will be educated, how health concerns will be addressed, and if there will be religious upbringing and lessons in the child’s life.

Working with an attorney on your parenting plan

It can be rough on children when their parents go through a divorce.  Transitioning life from one household to two can be disruptive and confusing as well.  Fortunately, these trying times can be alleviated when separating parents put a regular plan in position and follow the terms.  Consulting a family law attorney who knows with custody setups as well as parenting concerns can help you set up a plan that offers your youngster’s best interests.

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