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Helping You Move on With Your Life after Divorce

divorce attorney OgdenGoing through a divorce is difficult for everyone involved. At Burton Law Firm of Ogden, Utah our goal is to make the process as quick, painless and inexpensive as possible.

Our firm will work to help you reach a fair resolution of all issues that may be a part of your divorce, including:

  • Achieving an equitable division of assets and debts such as real estate, automobiles, savings accounts, 401(k) plans, pension benefits and business interests.
  • If you have children, determining the custodial parent and drafting a custody and visitation agreement that is in the best interests of your children.
  • Determining fair child support and spousal support payments after your divorce.

In Utah, several tools such as mediation services are available to help you reach an amiable solution of divorce issues out of court. If you can solve any issues through mediation, the cost will be lower and the results more predictable than a litigated divorce.

Our firm will assist you in making sure that the mediation process is used in the most effective and affordable manner possible. In most cases, we will attend mediation with you to ensure that you understand everything that is taking place. If a resolution is reached, we will see that it is properly memorialized and entered with the courts.

Though mediation is a useful tool for many divorcing couples, it does not always result in a successful resolution for everyone involved and the matter may need to be taken to trial. In such event, our firm will ensure that your interests are well represented. We will take the time necessary to prepare our office, and you, for every aspect of the trial. If necessary, we will retain experts to support your position. Of course, results at trial can never be guaranteed. However, at trial, we will ensure that you receive an effective advocate for your cause so the end result is the best one possible.

Keeping Lines of Communication Open

Our firm will keep lines of communication open with your spouse and his or her lawyer so you can reach a negotiated settlement, if possible. However, if the other side is unwilling to be reasonable, we are willing to fight to protect your rights. For example, if you think your spouse is hiding assets or undervaluing business interests, we will begin discovery and interrogatories to discover the truth. We will hire experts to trace and value assets to ensure that you receive everything you are entitled to have.

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