What is a Win-Win Divorce?

When couples decide to go their separate ways, it is never easy. Although it may be time to part ways, lingering emotions and intricacies exist in navigating the divorce process. In some cases, opting for a win-win divorce can make the transition smoother compared to a traditional litigated divorce. Below is more information about this […]

What Constitutes an Unfit Parent in Utah?

The legal process of deeming a parent unfit for legal custody is complex and involves many factors. Generally speaking, a court will consider all relevant evidence when making this determination, including the overall best interests of the child or children in question and any potential risks from allowing confident parents to have custody. The court […]

Temporary Parenting Plans are Important

In case you’re a parent who is petitioning for legal separation, it’s imperative to get a temporary parenting arrangement set up. Truth be told, an impermanent parenting plan is fundamental with regards to ensuring your inclinations and saving your privileges as a parent. What’s a Temporary Parenting Plan? Like other impermanent requests, Temporary Parenting Plan […]

Things To Avoid When Co-Parenting

Co-parenting can be a difficult undertaking. This video provides examples of what kind of behaviors to avoid in order to provide the best situation for you and your children. Video Transcript: Title: Things to avoid when co-parenting How to Stop the Cycle of Negative Co-Parenting Is your co-parenting beginning to feel like an impossible battle? […]

How To Co-Parent Like A Super Hero

We know how tough co-parenting can be. This video will give you important tips to follow so that you can co-parent to the best of your ability. Video Transcript: Title: How to Co-Parent Like A Super Hero Be dependable with taking your parent time, but be ready to be flexible when necessary. Support your fellow […]

How to Help Keep your Child Custody Case on Track

In a perfect world, your family law custody attorney and you should be working as a team for the same goal.  When children are involved the stakes can be particularly high, so it is important that you help keep your case on track.  This doesn’t just mean keeping things moving as quickly as possible, it also means […]

Why you need a parenting plan in Utah

As a newly separated mom or dad, you may be questioning what your child’s living situations will be.  More importantly, how you and any co-parent will make decisions on behalf of your child.  Utah law requires that divorced couples looking for joint custody of their children draft a mutually created co-parenting plan.  This document covers vital […]

Co-Parenting With a Ghost

Parenting with a co-parent that’s scarcely there can be downright spooky, possibly making you like a single parent. So how do you handle co-parenting with a ghost? Here are some tips to keep you and your children grounded, even if you ex floats in and out of the picture. Encourage Time Though the time your ex is […]

Post-Divorce Parenting Tips

It’s easy to get swept up in the wake that follows divorce. Although you now have separate households, you still share parenting responsibilities. Parenting decisions still have to be made, you still have to compromise, and you need to remain aware of how decisions make an impact on your children. Don’t Pretend Nothing Happened If you intentionally […]

The Danger in Conflict Only Co-Parenting

You may not want to stay involved with your ex after your separation, but if you’ve got children together, your kids may be suffering from your lack of communication. Some post-divorce parents feel they need to have contact with the other parent only in times of conflict. While there should be a heightened level of communication during […]