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Utah Residents Cite the Most Common Reasons for a Divorce

Utah residents cite the most common reasons for a divorce Whether you have been married and in a relationship for just a few years, or decades you know that couples can have their ups and downs.  Although the overall rate of divorce has recently decreased, it is still interesting and helpful to know the main […]

10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Being in a healthy relationship is hard work, and divorce seems to be more and more common. There are multiple factors at play, including a diminishing stigma surrounding divorce and the increasing complexity of modern life. Here are the 10 most common reasons for divorce. 1. Infidelity There is no one reason why people cheat. […]

Common Family Law Myths

Myth #1: If my ex doesn’t pay child support, I don’t have to give them parent time. This is a myth we hear on a regular basis. It is human nature to feel when there is a negative action, there should be an immediate consequence. It may seem like common sense to withhold parent time […]