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Although it can be tempting to post your frustrations with the opposing party on social media sites such as Facebook… don’t! It may seem like a great sounding board to vent your frustrations, or even get back at the opposing party, but it can actually have negative consequences. Sometimes social media can give us a false sense of privacy, but once our thoughts are posted, they’re viral.

Be Sensitive to Online Comments

Here are just a few of the reasons we recommend keeping sensitive information relating to your case off of social media sites:

  1. It can be used against you. Information such as social media posts or correspondence with the opposing party may be used in court. We use correspondence and social media information as evidence on a regular basis. Mind your communication and how you are representing yourself online. Never post anything that can be interpreted as damaging to the opposing party’s reputation.
  2. Everyone has an opinion. We understand it may only be your friends and family that see your social media posts, but it seems almost everyone is quick to offer advice. If too many people offer their opinions, your case can quickly become more overwhelming and stressful than necessary.
  3. Children may gain access. Children in this day and age tend to be more tech-savvy than we give them credit for. We may think they don’t view our Facebook pages or have access to social media, but many children may be accessing Facebook or other social media without your knowledge. If this is the case, they may see the negative comments you are posting about the opposing party.

At Burton Law Firm, we understand that your family law matter can weigh heavily on your mind. You may have a trusted family member or friend who can support you through the process. Or you may want to seek the help of a healthcare professional to help you cope with the issues you are facing. We encourage you to find a healthy outlet to help you with the frustrations you may encounter.


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