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Things to consider before you share on social media

We all rely on social media, texting and emails for various reasons.  For some, it is a great way to stay in contact with friends and family.  For others social media provides connectivity to make new business connections.  Regardless of why you use online communications, one thing is clear.  If you are going through a […]

Think Before You Post

Although it can be tempting to post your frustrations with the opposing party on social media sites such as Facebook… don’t! It may seem like a great sounding board to vent your frustrations, or even get back at the opposing party, but it can actually have negative consequences. Sometimes social media can give us a false sense […]

The Dangers of Facebook in Child Custody Battles

Facebook has completely changed the way we share information, in both positive and negative ways.  It has allowed people to stay connected with old friends, but it has also allowed others to obtain information about us that we didn’t intend.  One area in which we are seeing the potential negative side effects of social media involves child custody. […]