Co-parenting can be a difficult undertaking. This video provides examples of what kind of behaviors to avoid in order to provide the best situation for you and your children.

Video Transcript:

Title: Things to avoid when co-parenting

How to Stop the Cycle of Negative Co-Parenting

Is your co-parenting beginning to feel like an impossible battle?

Co-parenting requires a foundation of several important pieces.

If you and your co-parent are missing any of the pieces, your children are likely to feel the impact.

What are you doing to contribute to your unstable foundation?

What can weight down successful co-parenting?

  1. Negative Remarks about your Co-Parent
  2. Using your child to “punish” your co-parent.
  3. Inconsistent discipline or routines.
  4. Unwilling to compromise.
  5. Letting your emotions take charge.

If you are struggling with co-parenting, there are resources to help diffuse these difficult situations.

You can commit today to make efforts to be a better co-parent!


  1. Love & Logic Parenting Classes.
  2. High Conflict Parenting Classes.
  3. Co-Parenting communications & calendaring apps.
  4. Professional counseling services.
  5. Books, i.e.: “The Co-Parenting Survival Guide”, “Putting Children First”, “Co-Parenting with a Toxic Ex.”

Blogs and additional resources available at

Building a successful co-parenting foundation is possible with the correct tools.

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