How to Have a Successful Family Law Mediation

Mediation can be a helpful step in resolving your family law case. It is an alternative to courtroom litigation, and it offers several advantages. Mediation is often less expensive, time-consuming, and stressful than going to court for a resolution. In addition to the financial savings, it allows both parties to speak openly about their concerns […]

5 Tips to Prepare for Mediation

It’s a long and challenging road to decide to get a divorce, but once it happens, you will need a detailed plan to ensure a smooth transition to the next chapter of your life. You will find that mediation can help in more ways than one.  The goal of mediation is to reach an agreement […]

How People Can Unintentionally Sabotage a Divorce Mediation

Ending a marriage is rarely a walk in the park. Even if you are looking forward to finalizing a lousy relationship and moving on with your life, divorces can be stressful. With that being established, couples, how they act, and their ability or inability to work together is among the largest factors that either enable […]

Surprisingly Little Known Divorce Process That Can Save You Money

Over the years of practicing family law in and around Bountiful, we have learned what people are most concerned with when it comes to a divorce.  The four most regularly asked inquiries at the beginning of a legal separation are: How long will it take to finalize a divorce? How much will it set me […]

Preparing to Discuss Custody at Mediation

Mediation can be a helpful tool for many disputes, but one of the most frequently mediated issues in Utah is that of custody. Custody can be a difficult matter for parents to discuss, primarily because children are so important. Instead of preparing for mediation by digging your heels into the ground, consider following these tips to move toward […]

Can Mediation Work for You?

In Utah, mediation is mandatory for most divorce cases. Divorce mediation typically involves sitting down with a neutral third party, in an attempt to resolve any issues in dispute. Generally, you and your spouse must participate in at least one session. But can mediation actually work? Sometimes the answer is yes, particularly in cases where the decision […]

How To Prepare for Mediation

Whether it’s your first time mediating or whether you’ve attended before, keep these considerations in mind as you are preparing to attend mediation. Come With an Open Mind Mediation can be a powerful tool if both parties allow it to be. Be prepared to discuss issues pertaining to your case. At mediation you may come to […]

Mediation Failed Over A Baseball

Generally, before a case can move toward a final resolution at trial, the parties have to attempt mediation. Mediation can be a wonderful tool in a disputed case and can often be very successful, however, it isn’t uncommon for parties to nearly come to an agreement but become gridlocked on one issue. It’s important to think logically […]

Mediation: a Requirement or an Opportunity?

Mediation can be a helpful tool if both parties are willing to give the mediator the opportunity to offer their insight. Mediation has been beneficial in many cases; it can be a resource that can save the parties’ time and money. Too often, mediation is treated more like a requirement, and less like an opportunity to […]