Mediation Failed Over A Baseball

Generally, before a case can move toward a final resolution at trial, the parties have to attempt mediation. Mediation can be a wonderful tool in a disputed case and can often be very successful, however, it isn’t uncommon for parties to nearly come to an agreement but become gridlocked on one issue.

It’s important to think logically and weigh the importance of the item and how it pertains to your overall goals. Divorce is an emotional process, and sometimes in events relating to your divorce, such as a hearing or mediation, emotions can run high, making it difficult to think clearly.

We have seen several mediations that have failed to settle or almost not settled over a single possession such as a baseball. Although an item may not hold much monetary value, a debate may ensue due to the high sentimental value of the item.

Although the baseball from your child’s first game may seem irreplaceable, it’s the memory that you cherish, not the item. Ask yourself if this item is worth the additional time and money to go through court proceedings if you don’t settle.

It may be difficult to be rational when working through such sensitive matters, which is why it can be helpful to have your attorney at your side to help decide the best options for settlement. At Burton Law, we are familiar with mediation and have the knowledge and sensitivity it requires to help you reach a resolution.

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