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Social media has changed the manner in which people throughout the world are connecting with each other.  With a few clicks of a mouse, we can be chatting with someone who is in another country but shares similar interests together.  Some people find great benefit in this new technology, while others have found that it can be potentially damaging to their personal lives and relationships.  One research study found that there was a straight relationship between social networks use as well as the overall quality of the relationship.  According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, over 80% of divorce attorneys have reported an increase in the number of divorce cases connected to Facebook.  This search study suggests, that people or obtaining a divorce because of Facebook use.  Along with a number of other personal reasons of course.

When we look at these numbers the main question is, “why is there a connection?” 

While the numbers provided by the AAML is probably true, it is certainly not the case to simply say that social media use causes divorces.  It is, however, reasonable to draw the conclusion that social media sites can create larger problems that a currently struggling relationship and marriage may be facing.  The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has a great article on how social media can relate to these mental issues.  What’s more, is that people can accidentally air out their dirty laundry and problems for others to see.  This can potentially cause problems if you are dealing with a divorce in Salt Lake City, UT.

Posts may be used as evidence

In some cases, people want to reach out for support from their friends and families.  In an effort to reach everyone all at once, they will make the decision to post about a recent fight they have had with their significant other.  Taking things even one step further, they may even post screenshots of text messages sent between the couple.  Although it may be tempting to put your ex or soon to be ex-spouse in a bad light online, it may not always be the wisest decision.  These posts can be made hastily when emotions are running high.  Even if they are later deleted they can be saved and taken out of content.  On the other hand, if your partner has been making disparaging comments about you online, it is important to save this information for the future.

Talk to someone before you post

It is almost always better to talk to a trusted friend of a family member about your situation in person.  A good rule of thumb is to think that if it is online, it will last forever.  This is especially true when someone posts, writes a comment or messages someone information that is not accurate.  Consider for a moment the ramifications that could come along should someone be lying about their marital status and if they have any children.  This is common in adulterous situations where a person has made a profile on a dating website.  At the end of the day, this article is really just a friendly reminder to think before you use social media when going through a family law situation.  If you or a loved one is going through a divorce or child custody fight in Salt Lake City, UT consider calling Burton Law Attorneys at

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