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As Thanksgiving draws nearer we reflect on our lives, the things we are most grateful for and the trials and accomplishments we have experienced during the year. Divorce can be challenging and painful; but it can also bring surprising gifts such as independence and perspective.

Finding gratitude will aid you on your journey to healing and peace.

Here are 13 reasons to be grateful for your divorce during this time of year:

  1. This is an opportunity for you to have a fresh start and to create the life you have always wanted. Sometimes things have to end so that better things can begin.
  2. You can enjoy going home instead of dreading it and looking for excuses to prolong your time away. Your house won’t have the same feelings of tension or negativity and can be a healthier environment for you and your children.
  3. Your thoughts, opinions, and needs matter. You no longer have to deal with the pain of being ignored by your spouse or feeling invisible.
  4. You are a stronger person. At times you may have felt weak, but you are powerful for making it through your divorce. It wasn’t easy, but you didn’t give up and are more prepared for the challenges that may be thrown your way.
  5. You won’t have tense negotiations anymore about whose in laws you visit, experience family drama or keep up the facade of being a happy couple in a healthy relationship.
  6. You have the opportunity to reinvent yourself and be a better parent. You and your ex can focus on your children instead of your differences. They will get to know you as individuals instead of a dispirited pair.
  7. Don’t take your children for granted. Take the custody you were awarded and develop a deeper appreciation for the time you get to spend with them and savor every minute.
  8. The support you received through your divorce has brought you closer to friends and family and helped you recognize the people in your life who truly have your back.
  9. You are free and no longer trapped in an unhappy marriage. This new independence will enable you to do things you couldn’t before such as finishing your education, getting in better shape, and pursuing passions.
  10. You have the opportunity to show your children that happiness is personal and isn’t dependent on another person. Someone’s negative view of you doesn’t define who you are or lower your value.
  11. Empathy. Going through this difficulty has helped you learn how to form connections and be a support for other individuals who are experiencing the pains of divorce or similar hardships.
  12. Your children don’t have to deal with overhearing their parents fight during the holidays. Instead of holidays being a time of turmoil they can be a time of bonding and peace.
  13. Experience. This journey has helped you learn what you do and don’t want in a relationship and will prepare you for finding a significant other that respects and appreciates you.

This season do your best to focus on what you have gained through your divorce not just what you have lost. Finding gratitude will aid you on your journey to healing and peace. Although divorce is heartbreaking, consider the opportunities that this divorce has granted you, the lessons you have learned and make sure to not take them for granted.

If you or someone you know is considering divorce, Burton Law is ready and available to aid you in your time of need. Our attorneys can help ease the burden during this holiday season. Contact Burton Law Firm today to discuss your case with one of our experienced and sensitive attorneys.


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