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Throughout your marriage, you have most likely made friends along the way. You may have spent time with other couples and grown close to them over the years. So what happens to those relationships now that you are divorced?

Who is “awarded” your friends?

Common Reactions by Friends

In many cases, nothing will change, your relationship will stay close and they may even be the emotional support you need throughout the divorce process.

Other times, your friends will maintain a relationship with one of you and not the other. This may depend on who they feel closer to or how the relationship was established.

If you are friends with Bob and Mary because Bob works with your ex, he may not want to cut ties with his co-worker that he sees on a day to day basis.

Be Understanding with Your Friends

Put yourself in your friends’ position. They may feel awkward and not know how to handle the situation. They might want to maintain a relationship with both of you, or they might want to stop having a relationship altogether.

Try to be understanding and be sensitive to their position. Don’t pressure them to discontinue a relationship with your ex or pick sides. Prepare yourself for however they choose to handle the situation and know that it’s okay no matter what they decide.

Friends aren’t something to “win” in your divorce. And remember, whatever happens, take the high road. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

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