Utah families that are facing divorce often have one primary concern: how to make the situation as positive for the children as possible. It’s important to begin to address these difficult questions as soon as you’re considering filing for divorce. As a partner in a couple that’s separating, you’ll have many emotions and questions yourself. It’s also helpful to begin anticipating what concerns your children will have and how to discuss them early on. Here are some tips on how to ease the situation and how an experienced Utah divorce attorney can support you.

What will custody arrangements look like?

One of the most critical questions that kids will have is where they’re going to live. By extension, they’re seeking information on how often and when they’re going to see you and your spouse. There are many different custody configurations for families to consider. In some cases, one parent may seek sole custody and the other parent may or may not have visitation rights. Joint custody arrangements involve parents sharing custody, usually on a set schedule that rotates where the kids are staying. Determine what would best suit your children, your needs, and the realities of your family situation. An experienced attorney can help you consider the custody arrangement that’s right for you.

What will the relationship look moving forward?

Breaking the news of the divorce is an important moment to set the tone for what the future will look like in your kids’ eyes. If you and your former partner are on good terms, consider sitting down with the children together. Emphasize what your plans are to stay amicable, to communicate, and to co-parent. When you’re in a more difficult situation, it’s important to be clear with your children that your relationship will remain strong and that your feelings for them are unchanged due to shifts in the family structure. Be specific where possible about how and when you’re going to spend time together and keep those commitments. Ask your attorney for a referral to a family therapist or mediator to help with communication challenges.

How to Keep Lines of Communication Open

Your children’s needs and questions will change over time, as no doubt will your own feelings and situation. While the initial communication and planning around a divorce is important, it’s also helpful to be clear that kids can connect with you anytime. Encourage them to express their concerns and to let you know if you can be supportive at any time in the future.

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