What Can I do if my Ex Won’t Let me see my kids?

When married couples legally divorce, and they have children, the court will establish a custody order.  This legal ruling will define visitation and parental rights. Apart from cases where the children are at risk of imminent harm, neither parent has a right to prevent the other one from seeing their children. Sometimes one parent will deny […]

Celebrating Halloween During COVID-19

This Halloween, most families likely won’t be trick-or-treating with their kids, instead deciding to stay at home to avoid the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Halloween is typically a very social time with parties, trick-or-treating, and other social gatherings. When thinking about spending time with their children, parents should use their best, not only for […]

Giving Thanks for Divorce

As Thanksgiving draws nearer we reflect on our lives, the things we are most grateful for and the trials and accomplishments we have experienced during the year. Divorce can be challenging and painful; but it can also bring surprising gifts such as independence and perspective. Finding gratitude will aid you on your journey to healing […]

Is January the Right Time to Divorce?

If the new year suddenly has you itching to get divorced, you’re not the only one. Divorce rates take a big jump in January, according to a recent University of Washington study. So, what is it that has everyone thinking about divorce? There are several factors that may be reasons people choose to end things in January. […]

How the Grinch Stole Parent Time

The holiday season is probably full of events you and your ex want your child to attend. Family parties, religious events, and other commitments fill your calendar. What is the best way to discuss parenting time with your ex? Do it in writing It’s always a good idea to make any requests in writing in case it […]

Coping with Divorce During the Holidays

Are you going through a divorce? If so, getting through the holiday season may be a challenge, as memories of happier times can consume your thoughts. Family and friends may be eagerly anticipating the festivities while you, on the other hand, may be wondering how you can celebrate anything this holiday season. So how can you […]