What if My Lawyer and Opposing Counsel Are Friends?

You may notice at some point in your case, your attorney and the opposing counsel seem to be on friendly terms. While this can seem alarming, in most cases it’s completely normal. Most of us have a preconceived notion about attorneys. You think you need a bull dog who doesn’t get along with anyone, right? […]

My Friend’s Divorce Was Easy—Why Isn’t Mine?

Each divorce is unique. Many factors play into the length and difficulty of a case, including how contested each matter becomes. Some of the factors that can affect the difficulty of your case include: Number and age of children Income of parties Assets of parties Debts of the parties Business & real estate interests Length […]

Who Gets Our Friends in the Divorce?

Throughout your marriage, you have most likely made friends along the way. You may have spent time with other couples and grown close to them over the years. So what happens to those relationships now that you are divorced? Who is “awarded” your friends? Common Reactions by Friends In many cases, nothing will change, your […]