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Take a moment to think about the reason you hire an attorney. To protect your interests, to guide you through the legal system, to advise you on important decisions, etc.

Are you listening to your attorney? Are you trusting your attorney’s input or dismissing it without considering their thoughts? Here are some ways you can quickly derail your attorney from effectively representing you and your interests.

1. Lying & Half-Truths

There are two effects of lying to your attorney, and both are equally negative.

The first is the once your attorney catches you in a lie, you have broken the level of trust between you. Now when you give your attorney an answer they may do additional work to make sure you are being honest, or that they are prepared in the event you have lied. Your attorney may also lose the drive behind your case. An attorney needs to feel like your case is important to you, and if you’re not being honest, you may give them the wrong impression.

Lying can not only hurt your relationship with your attorney but can also be detrimental to your case. By not giving your attorney all the facts or evidence of your case, you aren’t allowing them to be as prepared to represent you as they could be.

Even if the facts against you are negative, it’s important for your attorney to have anything pertinent disclosed so they can address those and represent you to the best of their ability.

2. Not Communicating

Attorneys are skilled, but they aren’t mind readers. Lack of communication with your attorney can be frustrating for your attorney and their staff but can also hurt your case.

Not communicating may cost additional time and money. When you don’t take the time to communicate with your attorney it can send the message that your case isn’t important to you. And if it’s not important to you, why should it be important to your attorney?

When communicating with your attorney or their staff, take the time to ask questions and make sure you understand what is being explained. We understand with the numerous court appearances attorneys need to make that they can be difficult to reach, that’s why at Burton Law Firm you are assigned a paralegal to assist you on your case. If they are unable to answer your questions, they can make sure the attorney is available to discuss your case.

We know the problems you’re facing are on your mind every day. We understand you need someone who can guide you through the complex legal system and provide peace of mind. If you or someone you know is facing a family law issue, contact us to speak to one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

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In addition to his current practice, Peter’s practical experience includes serving as extern corporate counsel for Shiseido, one of the world’s largest cosmetic corporations, and clerking for federal criminal appellate counsel. He has extensive experience in family law matters.

He enjoys feeling like he has made a difference helping his clients with their domestic case needs.

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