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Finding a divorce attorney in the Ogden area isn’t difficult. A quick Google search will provide you with the names of countless local family law firms. But how do you choose the right lawyer to handle your case?

Talking to friends and family can help, as they may be able to offer recommendations. And of course, you can check online reviews.

Ultimately, however, it is important that you hire an attorney you trust and who makes you feel comfortable. To find the right one for you, talk to several local divorce lawyers and ask the key questions below.

Ask About the Divorce Attorney’s Experience

To achieve the best outcome, you need a lawyer with the skills and knowledge to properly handle Utah divorce cases. Start by asking questions relative to the attorney’s experience in Utah-specific family law.

Ask how many divorce cases the attorney handles in a typical year. You don’t want someone who has too many clients to handle personally, but you may want to pass on any attorney who practices law only part-time.

Next, ask how long the attorney has been in practice. Hiring a newly established lawyer may save some money, but there’s no substitute for practical experience when it comes to family law issues. Plus, an experienced divorce attorney is likely to already know the domestic relations judges in Utah, which can be of great help.

Ask the Divorce Attorney About Your Case Specifics

Each lawyer you meet with will have a different personal style. Some may be problem solvers who are adept at compromise, while others may be more comfortable fighting in court.

You want an attorney who supports your view of how your divorce should be handled.

During your consultation, ask questions about how the divorce attorney believes you should proceed with your case. You’ll have a limited amount of time, but an experienced lawyer should be able to lay out a basic strategy and give you an expected timeline.

Ask About the Divorce Attorney’s Costs

Family law attorneys typically bill on an hourly basis for their services, and most require a retainer before beginning work on any divorce case.

This is payment for the lawyer’s time, but you’ll also be responsible for expenses such as court filings. Before hiring a divorce attorney, ask about specifics on fees and expenses. That way, you’ll know in advance how much you may be paying and you can avoid any nasty surprises.

Divorce and family law cases are difficult for everyone involved. But having a caring, compassionate attorney on your side can make the process easier and less painful. If you need an experienced, affordable lawyer to handle your divorce case, contact Burton Law Firm.

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