How Much Does a Utah Divorce Really Cost?

Many people want the bottom line.  How much does a divorce in Utah really cost?  Often, clients want an estimate of what their case is going to cost. Due to the unknown variables of every case, it’s simply impossible for an attorney to know what your case will cost. According to a recent survey, the cost of an average Utah […]

What Is a “Simple” Utah Divorce?

Often potential clients call and think they just need a quick appointment to understand the basic process of divorce. Phrases like “it’s a simple divorce”, “I don’t want this to go to court, we’ll just keep it civil” and “this should be an easy case” are spoken all too often during initial appointments. Often, parties believe […]

How to Find the Right Utah Divorce Attorney

At the first sign of divorce, you may not know where to begin. If you have made up your mind to initiate the divorce, it can be difficult to know what attorney will be the best fit for your case. If you were served with a divorce action, deadlines can add extra pressure to the mix. […]

How to Derail Your Attorney (part 4 of 4)

In the three previous articles we discussed ways you can derail your attorney on your case. In this article we will do an overview of the three articles and summarize the areas that have proven to be detrimental to your case and can quickly derail your attorney. SUMMING IT UP: 1. Misrepresentation It’s important to […]

How to Derail Your Attorney (part 3 of 4)

Continuing our 4-part series, the following are some ways you can quickly derail your attorney from effectively representing you and your interests. 5. Unrealistic Expectations Your attorney is there to fight for you and your best interests, but that doesn’t always mean you are sure to win everything. No family law matter is a guarantee, so although your […]

How to Derail Your Attorney (part 2 of 4)

The following are some more ways you can quickly derail your attorney from effectively representing you and your interests. 3. Delay When it comes to family law, delaying is rarely beneficial to your case. In fact, in some instances it can hurt your case. If you drag your feet or become unresponsive, your case can become stalled. […]

How to Derail Your Attorney (Part 1 of 4)

Take a moment to think about the reason you hire an attorney. To protect your interests, to guide you through the legal system, to advise you on important decisions, etc. Are you listening to your attorney? Are you trusting your attorney’s input or dismissing it without considering their thoughts? Here are some ways you can quickly […]

How to Co-Parent Successfully

Good co-parenting requires both parties to have their children’s best interest in mind. It’s not just avoiding mistakes like those listed in the previous article, but also being committed to supporting your children and being unified as parents even though you are no longer together. Dr. Phil has made some suggestions for good co-parenting: Sit down with your ex […]

How NOT to Co-Parent

Co-parenting can be a difficult adjustment, for both yourself and your children. You may still be emotional about the split, and it can be difficult to not let those emotions get in the way of your ability to co-parent. As tempting as it may be to have your children take sides or do things to get […]

How Do You Get an Annulment in Utah?

We are often asked about the legality of annulment in Utah. Marriage annulment is legally possible in our state, but only if your marriage qualifies under certain conditions. Unfortunately, most couples are not able to meet the legal requirements to have their marriages annulled, and will instead need to consider a divorce. How Does Annulment […]