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When we think of a “last straw” in marriage we tend to think of some giant issue or uncovered truth where it is impossible to come back from.  Hollywood has programmed us to think of images of someone cheating or hiding large sums of money from their spouse.  While it is true that these situations do happen, there are many things that can lead to a moment when someone knows the relationship is over.  In many cases, it is not just one action, but a slow buildup of unresolved issues.  Read our previous blog entitled “Things Couples do that May Cause a Divorce” to learn more.  The internet has spoken and thousands of Reddit users have shared their moments when they knew their marriage was over.

Times When People Knew Divorce was the Best Option

  1. When a partner changes over time.
    1. Someone shared their story online of what it was like for their partner to suddenly become extremely religious, seemingly out of nowhere. Before the marriage both partners were non-religious and these practices had little to do with how they lived their daily lives.  After 10 years together one partner found religion and it changed their lifestyle, values, and priorities.  They ultimately could not find a way to work out a balance and file for a divorce.
  2. Your spouse does not support you emotionally during difficult times.
    1. Another user shared their story of how their husband was not emotionally sensitive when they lost their father. To make this difficult situation worse, death actually happened on Thanksgiving.  According to the user, the husband did not show any comfort and was oblivious to the fragile state their partner was in.  The story concludes with the husband erasing their cell phone, resulting in the wife losing all pictures and text messages she had of her late father.
  3. One spouse exerts too much control over the other
    1. Finally, one Reddit user shares their frustration with their over-controlling spouse, especially when it comes to spending. The person who submitted their story shares that their ex-spouse laid out a month of receipts and carefully scrutinized each purchase.  This included complaining about $5 spent over the course of a week on beverages while they were out running errands.  Apparently, the spouse micromanaged their spending down to the last dollar.  This frustration leads the submitter to realize they could no longer deal with their partners controlling penny-pinching.

How can Marriages be Saved?

There are thousands of unique stories online where people share the moment they realize their relationship was over.  Some are actually quite interesting, while others will leave you in shock at how one spouse can treat another.  At the core of most stories is the fact that most marriages end because small problems are not addressed and resolved before it is too late.  Remember marriage is just like any other partnership, communication is key to success.  If you have had your “last straw” moment and need to file for divorce in Utah, consider calling Burton Family Attorneys today to learn more about how our team can help you.

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