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Video Transcript 

Question: How do I get the divorce process started?

Answer: Getting divorced can be overwhelming, so where do you start? I recommend that you sit down with yourself and ask what are your expectations? What are your goals? What do you want out of this divorce? Next, you need to decide what do you want in an attorney. The relationship with your attorney is one of the important aspects of making you feel your divorce is successful. Call around, talk to different attorneys, make as many consults as you need to. When you have your consult, make sure that you explain your goals and expectations with your attorney.

Question: How much does a divorce cost?

Answer: One of the biggest concerns people have is “how much my divorce will cost?” The cost of divorce can vary greatly. It can be anywhere from two thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, but, it will depend on your case, spouse, facts of your case, if there are children involved, and if there are different assets that need to be divided.

Question: How long does a divorce take to complete?

Answer: People often wonder how a divorce will take. That depends, a divorce can take a month or it could take several years, it depends on your case and the facts surrounding that case, and the attorneys working the case.

Question: What happens if I want a divorce, but my spouse does not?

Answer: Utah is a no-fault state, meaning even if you don’t want a divorce, your spouse can be divorced from you.

Question: What evidence do I need to prepare for a divorce case?

Answer: That depends on the issues that are in play. This could range from anything from alimony to the division of property. What we need is anything that supports your position. This could be text messages, your own testimony, or pay stubs, but don’t worry about what you need to gather because we’ll tell you when you retain our office. We’ll take the time with you and make sure that you understand what you need to bring in so that you have a successful case.

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