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This October, it may seem like you are co-parenting with a blood-sucking vampire, a zombie, or a poltergeist, causing you to feel like you’re at your wits end!

Although you can’t control your ex’s actions, you can certainly choose how you react to them. Dealing with conflict when it comes to your child can be very difficult if you have an ex that isn’t willing to work for your child’s best interests. You probably know this high conflict environment isn’t healthy for your or you child, but what can you do when your ex simply won’t budge?

This Resource May Help

At Burton Law, we know co-parenting can be stressful. We understand that you may feel trapped in a corner with nowhere else to turn for solutions. That’s why we recommend the book “The Co-Parenting Survival Guide” by Elizabeth Thayer and Jeffrey Zimmerman. This book can help you navigate high conflict areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Holidays
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Visitation
  • New Partners

This book also helps parents to understand the damage that a high conflict environment can have on their child. It can assist parents in identifying how to avoid and diffuse pressure points in their parenting so their children can grow up in a happy and healthy environment that includes a loving relationship with both of their parents.

Highly Recommended for Co-Parenting

Therapists, attorneys, and many other professionals in the family law field have seen the impact this book can have on parenting, and it comes highly recommended by professionals, and parents alike. Utah court commissioners occasionally even require parents to read the book and complete a book report if they feel it will be beneficial to the case.

“You may be winning the battle in court, but losing the war at home, saddened at the wounds your children bear as a result of this conflict. But because you are willing to do anything to help your children thrive, you can learn to build a parenting partnership with your former mate in spite of the history between you.

The Co-Parenting Survival Guide shows you how to avoid the hot spots and the common traps of hostility, inflexibility, and constant squabbling, and develop skills to sustain a co-parenting partnership based on love and concern for your children, so they can best benefit from two parents living separately but working together.”
(From The Co-Parenting Survival Guide synopsis)

At Burton Law, we know co-parenting is hard work, that’s why we offer our clients resources to help them through the process. If your ex continues to make co-parenting difficult and is not abiding by the terms of your decree, contact us today to discuss your case.


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