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Burton Law is one of the few firms in Northern Utah focusing exclusively on family law.
Our families are important to us and we know your family is important to you.

We understand that the decisions made in the courtroom can greatly affect your entire
life. We know there’s nothing more important than protecting the rights of yourself and
your loved ones, and we have the experience and sensitivity to carry your case.

A Results-Driven Approach

Our attorneys are results driven and will take a problem-solving approach to your case.
We are experienced in reaching results via negotiation, mediation, and litigation. Rest
assured that whatever direction your case takes, we’ll deal with it head-on.

We know your case is personal to you, and that’s why we take a personal approach to
practicing law. At Burton Law, you’re not a case number or just a name. You’re
recognized as an individual with real needs. We understand your concerns, and we are
here to help.

A Major Life Change

Our firm has excelled in family law because we understand what it takes to guide our
clients through the complex law that’s required for a successful outcome. We recognize
the end result of your case can make all the difference in your life, for good or for bad.

We realize your case is close to your heart and weighs heavily on your mind, and that’s
why we care about you. We’ve developed relationships with other professionals such
as counselors and financial professionals to help you with any needs throughout your
case. We’ve developed processes and systems that are unique to our office that help
keep your case on track and keep you regularly informed on the status of your case.

So why do we practice family law? We choose to practice family law because we truly
feel we can help real people facing real problems. To us, family law is everything.

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