Why Does My Attorney Want to Settle?


It may feel like a slap in the face if your attorney comes to you with a settlement offer from the other party, especially if your case is on the road to trial. The offer may catch you by surprise. Settlement offers may be made throughout a family law case, whether early on, or just before […]

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?


It’s said that attorneys are like dentists, most people only see them if they have a problem. At what point do you need to retain an attorney? Is your issue a constant distraction and taking away from your peace of mind? While the decision to retain an attorney is ultimately up to you, here are some […]

Why We Choose Family Law


Burton Law is one of the few firms in Northern Utah focusing exclusively on family law. Our families are important to us and we know your family is important to you. We understand that the decisions made in the courtroom can greatly affect your entire life. We know there’s nothing more important than protecting the rights […]