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It is often difficult to decide whether a relationship is truly over. Perhaps you have a relationship filled with problems and fighting. The sheer number of issues can make it seem impossible to ever get things back on track with your partner. In other cases, maybe there are just a few issues, but they have been going on for years despite both parties trying to work them out. Most of us will face heartbreak at one time in our lives, and it is a feeling we actively try to avoid. People may also be social pressures, religious standards, or personal beliefs that can make our choices feel limited. Divorce can be intimidating, and the decision to pursue one is often a difficult choice to make.  

Do you often find yourself in a place where you are bouncing back and forth on the decision? Some days it may feel like a divorce is the only option left. On other days your marriage seems too good to go, and you will be able to work out your issues and ultimately be happy again. Below are various methods you can use to help make a suitable choice for you, your mental health, and your life’s overall happiness.  

As your read this list, it is essential to prioritize safety and security above all. These methods are only recommended for a relationship free from physical, mental, and emotional abuse. If you are trying to leave in an abusive relationship, get to a safe place and speak to a family law attorney as soon as possible.   

Things to Try Before a Divorce 

Speak to your partner about your needs.

One of the biggest issues couples have is a lack of communication. For example, some people are givers while other people are takers. If you are the type of person who quickly puts others’ needs above your own, it may be time to address what you need in the relationship.  Remember that a marriage that does not work for both parties equally is a marriage that is not working. Take a different approach and have open communication with your partner about what changes you would like to make.  

Seek higher knowledge.

Depending on who you talk to, you are going to get various pieces of advice. Your parents might make one suggestion, while your friends or associates may give opposite advice. It is essential to speak with people who you know love and care about you. Their tips and guidance will most likely be driven by a desire to see you happy.  If you are religious, you can also seek guidance from trusted members of your church or organization. Regardless of who you speak with, it is better to communicate with people rather than conceal your issues.  

Try seeking professional help.

Professional help is more accessible than it has ever been. As a struggling relationship, you can speak with a private counselor, therapist, marriage counselor, and more. It is not uncommon to have hang-ups about speaking with a therapist or a “shrink.”  However, millions of people have had a positive impact on their lives by speaking with a professional. Remember, this is about finding solutions that work for you. Perhaps those solutions come from a place you never thought you would try. 

What if These Options Don’t Work

Regardless of the decision you make, knowledge is power. Put yourself in a position where you are making a decision based on research and self-reflection. If you have tried the resources mentioned above and are still unhappy, perhaps divorce is the right choice to make. There is nothing wrong with leaving a marriage that is simply beyond repair. If you are considering a divorce, we invite you to contact the legal professionals at Burton Family Attorneys to seek a consultation. There you can learn more about the divorce process, what to expect, and have your questions answered by a trusted attorney.    

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