Utah Family Law Practice Offers Assistance in Paternity Disputes

Ogden, Utah (July 25, 2013) – Burton Law Firm, a trusted Utah family law practice, is offering to uphold the rights of fathers by assisting them in paternity disputes. By providing the service, they aim to guide their clients and help them overcome the complexities of paternal issues. After having moved on from a previous relationship, […]

Burton Law Firm Shares Information on How Utah Custody Laws Work

Ogden, Utah (July 25, 2013) – Burton Law Firm is sharing information on how Utah custody laws work for the benefit of parents seeking to win custody of their children. Highly regarded for their dedication to family law, the firm explains the factors that affect a court’s decision on who may raise or decide for a child. […]

Burton Law Firm Offers Legal Assistance in Utah Child Support Issues

Ogden, Utah (July 25, 2013) – Burton Law Firm is providing legal counsel and representation for people facing Utah child support issues. These issues include financial assistance and child support modification. After a divorce or separation, it is the legal responsibility of an estranged parent to provide financial support to his or her child. Utah law […]

Utah Divorce Lawyers Help Clients Get Fair Spousal Support Settlements

Ogden, Utah (July 24, 2013) – The family law attorneys at Burton Law Firm are helping clients get fair spousal support settlements in Utah divorce cases. They provide personalized legal counsel and representation throughout the complex process. Under the law, a person may be obligated to provide financial support, or alimony, to his or her spouse […]

Couples Are To Be Cautious Of Online Divorce Programs

You probably know at least one couple that met online, but do you know any couples that got their divorce online?  It may sound strange, but a new program called Wevorce is attempting to corner the divorce market by offering a simplified online divorce solution that is cheaper than the in-person process. According to the […]

Common Reasons Why Couples Seek a Divorce

A study by an independent family therapy counselor found that poor lifestyle and financial planning were two main reasons that couples seeking a divorce. The study polled both married and divorced couples in hopes of pinpointing the biggest factors that lead to marital dissatisfaction and divorce. Marital Dissatisfaction Simply having an in-depth discussion about important […]

Mothers Are Becoming Primary Breadwinners

Parents face many decisions regarding what is best for their children. One such decision is who will be the child’s primary caregiver. Many families traditionally choose to have the mother of the family stay home while the father pursues a professional career. Recently, more families have been choosing to put their children in daycare so […]