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Ogden, Utah (July 24, 2013) – The family law attorneys at Burton Law Firm are helping clients get fair spousal support settlements in Utah divorce cases. They provide personalized legal counsel and representation throughout the complex process.

Under the law, a person may be obligated to provide financial support, or alimony, to his or her spouse during the divorce proceedings or after the divorce has been granted. This serves as an allowance for the financially incompetent party. In Utah, the length of time alimony must be paid depends on the length of the marriage. However, its duration cannot exceed that of the marriage period. It is also automatically terminated once the recipient remarries or dies. The amount of alimony, meanwhile, will be determined by the court in consideration of each party’s financial capability to pay bills and debts as well as their capacity to earn money.


Burton Law Firm explains that settlements for spousal support are more complex than those for child support because there is no formula for calculating alimony payments. What the court aims to do is level the standard of living of the two parties after their divorce. This is to ensure that one party will not struggle with finances after enjoying a comfortable standard of living during the marriage. Alimony can also be modified based on how the agreement was drafted and if there is a significant change in the circumstances of either party.

Helping clients get fair alimony settlements is just one of the many forms of legal assistance offered by Burton Law Firm. Managed by Atty. Kenneth Burton, the firm employs a personal approach to the practice of law, seeing to it that they spend time with clients and that they are always available for any questions. They also provide mediation services to help clients reach an amiable resolution to divorce issues out of court.

Aside from providing legal assistance for clients undergoing divorce in Utah, Burton Law Firm also assists in civil and criminal law cases, as well as in collections, estate planning, corporate and civil litigation, bankruptcy, personal injury, and criminal defense. To learn more about the services they provide, visit www.BurtonLawFirmPC.com.

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