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Ogden, Utah (July 25, 2013) – Burton Law Firm is providing legal counsel and representation for people facing Utah child support issues. These issues include financial assistance and child support modification.

After a divorce or separation, it is the legal responsibility of an estranged parent to provide financial support to his or her child. Utah law requires the parent to make periodic payments for the child’s benefit until the latter reaches the legal age of 18 or has finished high school. The court may also order the parent to continue doing so if the child is over 18 yet is disabled and remains a dependent.


Burton Law Firm says that the issue of child support can become complex and sensitive during legal proceedings because it involves the continuing connection of separating or separated parents. Despite this, it is important for both parties to come to an agreement for the sake of their children. Lawyers can help by making sure that the proper financial support will be provided to the children of divorcees while also protecting the interests of the parents. They can also help in modifying the terms of child support, an action the court allows if there is a change in the financial circumstances of either parent.

The family law attorneys at Burton Law Firm handle cases of divorce, post-divorce modifications, child custody and visitation, alimony, and child support in Utah. They also offer mediation services for clients who want to amicably resolve their differences without going to court. The firm is led by Atty. Kenneth W. Burton, who practices in the areas of family law, collections, corporate and civil litigation, bankruptcy, personal injury, and criminal defense. He is joined by associate lawyers Atty. Peter E. Bracken and Atty. Ammon G. Nelson.

They make themselves easily available for prospective clients, offering a live chat service on their website for quick questions and welcoming after-hours appointments for initial consultations. For more details on their services, visit www.BurtonLawFirmPC.com.

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Managed by Atty. Kenneth W. Burton, the firm provides legal assistance in cases involving family law, civil law, criminal law, personal injury law, bankruptcy law, corporate and civil litigation, and estate planning. They help clients resolve cases through negotiations with the other side or defend them in court to protect their interests and obtain a fair outcome. Also serving Weber and Davis counties, they are based in Ogden, Utah, just across the street from Weber State University.

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