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Ogden, Utah (July 25, 2013) – Burton Law Firm, a trusted Utah family law practice, is offering to uphold the rights of fathers by assisting them in paternity disputes. By providing the service, they aim to guide their clients and help them overcome the complexities of paternal issues.

After having moved on from a previous relationship, some men are suddenly faced with allegations of fathering a child. It is difficult to determine the identity of a child’s rightful or biological father, especially when there is a possibility of the mother having another sexual partner. In such cases, the alleged father needs to be fully aware of his rights and protect them before accepting the responsibility of supporting the child.


On the other hand, there are instances when the biological mother herself denies the legitimate father of his paternal rights. The father needs to strongly assert his rights to the child to avoid suffering from the negative effects of being an absentee parent in the future. Aside from experiencing resentment from the child, the father might also have a hard time assigning estate heirs and fulfilling other long-term responsibilities.

Another complex situation involves the mother putting the child up for adoption and completely withholding this information from the father, including the very existence of their child. If this happens, there would have been no parental consent from the father to give up the child, which is a requirement in Utah. Even if several years pass, there will be legal and emotional repercussions for all parties involved, including the biological parents, the child, and the adoptive family.

More than establishing their parental rights, fathers also need to determine child custody, support, and visitation arrangements. To find out the most effective method of confronting these paternity issues, men need to employ the services of a skilled family law attorney in Utah.

Whether they are identified or denied as the father of a child, men can turn to Burton Law Firm so they can explore their legal options and efficiently tackle the parental conflict. The firm has successfully helped and represented clients in numerous cases involving paternity disputes.

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