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A marriage annulment is a legal procedure that dissolves a marriage. Unlike a divorce, which ends a valid marriage, an annulment declares that the marriage never happened in the first place. This is because the couple did not meet the criteria for a valid marriage. Annulments are rare, and usually only granted when there is evidence that one of the spouses was not eligible to marry at the time of the ceremony.

What are the criteria for a valid marriage?

There are several criteria for a valid marriage. To be valid, a marriage must be:

– Consensual: both parties must agree to marry each other

– Legal: the marriage must be performed by a licensed officiant and registered with the government

– Intimate: the couple must have consummated the marriage (i.e., had sexual intercourse)

– Permanent: the couple must intend to be married permanently

If any of these criteria are not met, then the marriage may be annulled. For example, if one of the spouses was underage or already married at the time of the ceremony, then the marriage would not be considered valid.

How long does an annulment process take?

The length of an annulment process varies depending on your location and how complex your case is. In most cases, it will take several months to complete. However, in some cases, it can take years if there is significant disagreement between the spouses or if there is a legal battle over child custody or property division.

What is the outcome of an annulment?

The outcome of an annulment depends on individual cases. However, in most cases, an annulment will result in the same legal outcomes as a divorce. This means that property will be divided between the spouses, custody of any children will be determined, and alimony may be awarded. However, because an annulment declares that the marriage never happened, any children born during the marriage will not be considered legitimate. This can have significant implications for child custody and support.

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