What is a Marriage Annulment?

A marriage annulment is a legal procedure that dissolves a marriage. Unlike a divorce, which ends a valid marriage, an annulment declares that the marriage never happened in the first place. This is because the couple did not meet the criteria for a valid marriage. Annulments are rare, and usually only granted when there is […]

Alternatives to a Divorce in Salt Lake City

Every marriage is just as unique as the individuals who got married.  It only stands to reason that if a relationship is ending, the way it ends will be just as unique.  The most common way that a married couple can legally end the marriage is by divorce.  This process can be confusing, scary, heartbreaking […]

How Do You Get an Annulment in Utah?

We are often asked about the legality of annulment in Utah. Marriage annulment is legally possible in our state, but only if your marriage qualifies under certain conditions. Unfortunately, most couples are not able to meet the legal requirements to have their marriages annulled, and will instead need to consider a divorce. How Does Annulment […]