This video outlines important steps to take once you have a divorce or custody decree.

Video Transcript:

Title: What do I do with my decree?

So you have a decree, now what?

  1. Know it

Read your decree often. Become familiar with the terms outlined in it and abide by them.

  1. Keep It

Make sure you have your decree handy in case of an emergency. It may be helpful to keep a copy at home, as well as in your car.

  1. Use it

A copy of your signed decree may be required to register your children for school, etc.

A certified copy may be required for other things, such as changing your name.

  1. Follow it

Abide by the terms of your decree. Keep in mind that if you or your ex aren’t abiding by it, you may be held in contempt.

  1. Update it

The circumstances surrounding your decree may change.

If they do, make sure you update your decree to reflect your current circumstances.

If you have any questions about understanding, following, or modifying your decree, contact burton family attorneys.

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