Can I Divorce My Ex if I Cannot Find Them?

The way a relationship ends can often be as unique as to how it started. Depending on the people and the situation, separated couples can remain friends. In other cases, both parties try to avoid one another and pretend that person no longer exists. Have you ever felt the uncomfortable feeling when you go out […]

Tips for Reducing the Stress from Divorce on Children

Divorce is a stressful process; however, some adults forget that it’s stressful for everyone involved, including your children. In most cases, children are left to deal with the repercussions of divorce by themselves. As a parent going through a divorce, it’s crucial to keep the following tips in mind to help your child transition into […]

Same-Sex Divorces may Have its Challenges

Giving same-sex couples the option to wed has brought about individuals from the LGBTQ people group in Utah and the nation over accessing benefits that have consistently been anything but difficult to access for straight couples. This has likewise implied that LGBTQ couples have someone of kind difficulties to explore when their relationships end. With […]

What do I do with my Decree?

This video outlines important steps to take once you have a divorce or custody decree. Video Transcript: Title: What do I do with my decree? So you have a decree, now what? Know it Read your decree often. Become familiar with the terms outlined in it and abide by them. Keep It Make sure you […]

Surprisingly Little Known Divorce Process That Can Save You Money

Over the years of practicing family law in and around Bountiful, we have learned what people are most concerned with when it comes to a divorce.  The four most regularly asked inquiries at the beginning of a legal separation are: How long will it take to finalize a divorce? How much will it set me […]

Part 5 of 5 questions you should ask a Utah divorce attorney

This is the fifth and final part on our series of questions that may be relevant to your divorce case during your initial consultation.   These are questions that are typically asked or areas that are often confusing to newcomers to family law matters.  Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV are currently available online.  We invite you to […]

Legal Separation Can Have a Lasting Impact

A couple may sometimes try a trial separation before proceeding with divorce. In some cases, the couple is attempting reconciliation while separated. In other cases, they have made the decision to no longer move forward as a couple, but aren’t ready to divorce. Although separation can sometimes provide the environment needed to allow your marriage to […]

Protecting Your Rights during Legal Separation

Like a divorce, a legal separation, or separate maintenance, as it is called in Utah, provides couples with the opportunity to live apart while dissolving their marital obligations to each other. The main difference between divorce and statutory separation is that the couple is still technically married and unable to remarry until the divorce becomes final. […]