Establishing Paternity in Utah: Why it Matters.

In legal terms, paternity simply means establishing who the legal father of a child is.  Most fathers understand the immediate bond that is formed with a child as soon as they are born.  However, this bond and the legal rights that accompany them may not be established right away given certain situations.  For example, if a man […]

How to Help Keep your Child Custody Case on Track

In a perfect world, your family law custody attorney and you should be working as a team for the same goal.  When children are involved the stakes can be particularly high, so it is important that you help keep your case on track.  This doesn’t just mean keeping things moving as quickly as possible, it also means […]

How Utah Deals With Paternity Questions

Paternity questions are an important part of family law in Utah. Motherhood is generally easy to establish. In certain cases, though, fatherhood may be more complex to determine. When you’re facing questions related to paternity, it’s important to seek legal counsel. The following reference explores the issue from a prospective father’s point of view, to help […]

Utah Family Law Practice Offers Assistance in Paternity Disputes

Ogden, Utah (July 25, 2013) – Burton Law Firm, a trusted Utah family law practice, is offering to uphold the rights of fathers by assisting them in paternity disputes. By providing the service, they aim to guide their clients and help them overcome the complexities of paternal issues. After having moved on from a previous relationship, […]