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For some people, the prospect of working with an attorney for legal issues comes naturally.  For others, attorneys may seem cold, or intimidating and may even consider handling the legal issue on their own.  While we can completely understand this sentiment (especially if this is your first time needing an attorney) it might not be the best idea.  This is especially true in family law matters where you know that your ex-partner is going to have legal representation on their side.  Every case is unique, sometimes people are fortunate to find that getting a divorce, or a parent time issue can be easier and faster than they may have previously thought.  In other circumstances, the entire process can be emotional, confusing and grueling in even the best of conditions.

Understanding intricate legal processes can be difficult and can potentially be filled with covert legal obstacles.  Having a knowledgeable family law attorney on your side can make a big difference in regards to both the end result, but also the toll is taken by a drawn-out custody case.

Below are some items that your Salt Lake City family law attorney can do, that you probably can’t.

  1. Discuss matters with the other side’s counsel without getting emotionally driven. Many people do not realize how much they can affect the flow and outcomes of their cases.  Most of the time you will be dealing with family members or ex-partners that you had a long and complicated relationship with.  Attorneys will be able to bring a clear, level-headed approach to negotiations without the emotional baggage that you may have.
  2. Stay on top of paperwork, due dates, and court documents. Some cases are more complicated than others.  Working with an experienced family law attorney can help to ensure that all documents are properly filled out and filed on time.  Many people find it difficult to stick with court deadlines while managing a job, and trying to emotionally recover from the new changes to their life.
  3. Speak for you in court. You probably do not fully understand the legislation and law concerning things like child custody that may impact your situation, but a family law lawyer will.  Having an attorney advocate for your legal rights will reduce the risk of omitting an important fact, or saying something that you later regret in a courtroom setting.

Remember that when dealing with family law issues, you have many options at your disposal.  Even if you elect not to work with an attorney, speaking with one will almost always be to your benefit.  If you live in Utah, consider contact Burton Family Attorneys to learn more about your case.  During an initial consultation, you will be able to understand the unique circumstances of your case and what can be done to get a positive outcome.

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