Understanding Postnuptial Agreements

What is a Postnuptial Agreement? A postnuptial agreement is a written and notarized document signed by both spouses that details how assets are divided between them, and it’s written after the wedding or civil union. During its creation, everything has to be on the table—the debts, property, income, and assets of each person. It has […]

Understanding Adult Guardianship in Utah

Adult guardianship is a legal arrangement that authorizes a capable adult, or guardian, to make decisions for another adult, referred to as the protected person or ward. Under Utah law, a guardian may be appointed if an adult is determined to be incapacitated. This means that the adult lacks the ability to adequately evaluate information, make […]

Understanding the Different Types of Child Custody in Utah

There are several types of custody in Utah. Deciding which type of custody best fits your needs may seem overwhelming. When determining which type of custody to seek it may be tempting to seek full custody simply to punish your ex, however, it’s important to keep the best interest of your children in mind. There are […]

Understanding Alimony in a Utah Divorce Proceeding

Does the granting of a Utah divorce decree require alimony payments? This is a common question our clients frequently ask. The answer depends on several factors. Also known as spousal support, alimony payments are awarded in many cases. Consequently, it is reasonable to expect some discussion on this point during the negotiation phase. Who Can Be Awarded Alimony […]

Utah Parent Time Statutes. What Determines Your Parent Time After a Divorce?

Usually the most difficult issues to deal with during a divorce are those surrounding your children. While both parents want what’s best for their children, having to split time and parent duties can be challenging. There are several strategies and resources for dealing with these issues as they come up during divorce, and it’s important […]

Common Reasons Why Couples Seek a Divorce

A study by an independent family therapy counselor found that poor lifestyle and financial planning were two main reasons that couples seeking a divorce. The study polled both married and divorced couples in hopes of pinpointing the biggest factors that lead to marital dissatisfaction and divorce. Marital Dissatisfaction Simply having an in-depth discussion about important […]

Why Do I Have To Pay Spousal Support?

It is quite difficult to accept the fact that although the marriage has ended, a person may still be required to make financial contributions to their ex-spouse for a significant period of time, if not permanently. Spousal support, also known as alimony, is often one of the most difficult issues faced in a divorce. There are many financial […]

Planning For A Divorce In Utah

Divorce may be one the most emotional things you can go through next to someone you love dying. Suddenly everything you have known for maybe years will be torn apart. Your home, your possessions, and worse, your children will have to suffer. Making the painful decision to get a divorce is very difficult, but sometimes there […]

When to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are not an easy topic to discuss with a future spouse; however, it’s important not to forget that marriage also constitutes a legal contract.  In the unfortunate event of a divorce, it will potentially be up to a judge, who doesn’t know you or your family, to decide how shared assets and debt are divided.  In […]