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Being in a healthy relationship is hard work, and divorce seems to be more and more common. There are multiple factors at play, including a diminishing stigma surrounding divorce and the increasing complexity of modern life.

Here are the 10 most common reasons for divorce.

1. Infidelity

There is no one reason why people cheat. It could be out of spite, the need for something different, a silly little attraction that went too far, or many other reasons. But, once it happens, it can change relationships forever and important values come into question, such as trust, self-confidence, and forgiveness.

2. Finances

Once married, the issue of money becomes important in a relationship. How is the money going to be spent, what are the financial goals, what happens if one earns a lot more than the other? Money problems can quickly turn a relationship sour and, if finances are ignored, they can cause a lot of conflict in a relationship.

3. Lack of Communication

 Little to no quality communication between a couple can cause a lot of problems. Hiding emotions or the inability to relay them in a productive way, such as insulting or yelling constantly at each other, can lead to an eventual breakdown in the marriage. Not talking enough to each other can make one feel isolated, alone without any support, and can lead to drawing erroneous conclusions.

4. Stress

The promotion wasn’t earned, money is tight, the children are doing horribly at school, and the scale in the bathroom is showing way too many pounds. All of these things can cause stress. If stress isn’t managed effectively, we tend to take out our frustrations through different avenues which can cause strain on a marriage. Accusations, hot tempers, and aggressiveness are behaviors caused by stress and can lead to miscommunication, lack of sexual drive, and constant arguing.

5. Different Visions

As time goes on, we sometimes change our expectations in life and the path that we once wanted to take can differ. Do you still share the same vision in life? Maybe you want to start traveling the world, but your spouse wants to save money and purchase a house. Or you really want to pursue a master’s degree, but you don’t have the support at home. Some couples can come to an agreement with different visions and meet halfway, but some do not.

6. Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy is important in a relationship, and we’re not just talking about sexual intimacy—but the kisses goodbye before leaving for work, or sitting down to watch a movie together on the same couch. Intimacy provides a connection with your spouse, and if that is lost, it eventually feels as if you’re living with a stranger.

7. Unrealistic Expectations

Sometimes, when we get married, there are certain things that we find annoying in our significant other, but we might assume that our spouse will change over time. Most of the time, they don’t, and those habits that you found annoying can become unbearable. If you don’t accept your spouse as they are, maybe you’ve formed unrealistic expectations.

8. Inability to Resolve Conflict

Resolving conflict can be hard for some. Some people have too much pride and are stubborn; although a simple apology can be enough to solve the problem, their obstinance magnifies the issue. Failing to see the other’s point of view and resolving the issue can lead to bigger problems.

9. Unequal Responsibilities

When responsibilities are not shared equally between the couple, many issues can arise. The person that feels they bear most of the responsibility of the household can come to resent their spouse, causing anger and a lot of conflict. Responsibilities should be discussed.

10. Lost Individuality

Often, when people get married, they dive right in and get lost in the marriage. They neglect their friends, personal challenges, and hobbies. While it’s good to share experiences and hobbies with your spouse, it’s also important to look after yourself. It’s vital to feel like a unique person and not just a wife or husband.

Divorce is hard, no matter the reasons or circumstances. If you feel you need to talk with a divorce lawyer, your consultation will be handled privately and professionally. Call an Ogden divorce lawyer today.

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