How To Break The News About Divorce To Your Children

When dealing with the painful experience of divorce, keeping your children’s best interests at heart is critical. Here at the Burton Family Law Firm, we are not only expert attorneys in Utah, but we’re also committed to ensuring the wellbeing of your family throughout the process. With our in-depth understanding of Utah family law, we’ve […]

Tips for a Healthier Co-Parenting Schedule

Every parent wishes to spend most of their time with their children. However, once the marriage comes to a divorce, parents push even harder to be an integral part of their children’s lives. Many studies show how shared parenting should be standard for any child after a divorce.  It’s clear that even after a divorce, […]

Rediscover Your Joy After a Divorce

Most can expect divorce to take a toll on both physical and mental health, which is why all of us need to find ways to deal with stress and other overwhelming emotions when we are adjusting to a new life. The following strategies can help you cope with the crippling stress of divorce by allowing […]

Parental Rights Termination FAQ

There are many responsibilities and rights to anyone who has a child. Parents have the obligatory responsibility to provide food, water, shelter, healthcare, and entertainment to their children. Education and religion are also important decisions that parents have the right to make for their children. These rights and responsibilities and how parents handle them are […]

Divorce: Getting Started

  Burton Law Firm Consultations Video Video Transcript  Question: How do I get the divorce process started? Answer: Getting divorced can be overwhelming, so where do you start? I recommend that you sit down with yourself and ask what are your expectations? What are your goals? What do you want out of this divorce? Next, […]

Understanding a consultation with a family law attorney

Burton Law Firm Consultations Video Video Transcript  Question: What is the purpose of a consultation? Answer: There are several reasons for a consultation with an attorney.  First, it is an opportunity for you to get to know the attorney that you are going to be hiring.  Do you like this attorney?  Do you communicate well […]

Meet Our Attorneys

At Burton Law Firm, family law is all we do. That means the attorneys at our office have years of experience in assisting clients with the things that matter. We have handled numerous cases for our clients ranging from simple to complex. Divorce with or without children, high asset or no assets, long term or short term […]