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Most can expect divorce to take a toll on both physical and mental health, which is why all of us need to find ways to deal with stress and other overwhelming emotions when we are adjusting to a new life. The following strategies can help you cope with the crippling stress of divorce by allowing you to remain positive and productive. 

Stay Active

Remain active as possible by keeping a consistent exercise schedule. Physical exertion can help stabilize emotions and aid in relieving anger, anxiety, and overall built-up tension. Some research shows that exercise helps calm you down by reducing your body’s level of stress hormones, such as cortisol. Exercise can also help provide positive stimuli to people struggling with chronic anxiety and depression. 

Support System

Like with many stressful situations, it’s essential to surround yourself with people who can help support you during these times. Whether it’s family members, friends, or coworkers, it’s great to have face-to-face interactions with people who care about you. Be transparent to those willing to listen to you. Allow these people to encourage you not to overthink and dwell on your past. 

Evaluate and Prioritize

The stress of divorce may leave you feeling like you’re just not running at full efficiency. It’s alright; give yourself enough of a break to recharge. We recommend not to overcommit yourself with too many responsibilities and tasks. It’s okay to say “no” if someone asks you to do something you may not feel like doing.

Realistic Expectations

You may feel like you have lost control over your life when you got a divorce. However, this is not the case, and you should not get caught up in your ex’s actions. You should just focus on the outcome of the divorce and learn to avoid setting unrealistic expectations. Keep your focus only on the things you have control over.

You Time

It’s important to pamper yourself a bit during this time; you need it. Make the time to do activities that bring you joy. Socialize with your close friends and engage in fun outings to reduce your divorce stress. Try something new; a hobby can help destress as well. Exploring your imagination and interest will allow you to center yourself, and in most cases, help you find inner peace.

Our experienced attorneys at Burton Law take pride in providing coping strategies for all of our clients. If you are having trouble destressing during the divorce process, call our office and get a free consultation, as well as coping techniques to use when it all just seems a bit too heavy for your shoulders.

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