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Ogden, Utah (July 25, 2013) – Noted Ogden divorce attorney Kenneth W. Burton of Burton Law Firm is offering post-divorce modification services to help clients amend a previous settlement. In doing so, the practice ensures that the best interests of their clients continue to be met, even as changing circumstances in the life of either divorced party affects their ability to fulfill agreed-upon responsibilities.

One of the main reasons behind filing for a modification is to promote the welfare of the divorced couple’s children. A divorce can be a stressful event for all parties involved and can be detrimental to the overall well-being of a child. The terms of child custody can be changed to fit the best interests of the children, especially in cases when their school or home life is compromised or when they are exposed to the harmful behavior of the custodial parent.


In some cases, the children themselves may file for a change of custody if their parent is unfit to take care of them. Likewise, a conservator may voluntarily relinquish their role and turn over the duty to their former spouse.

Because raising and caring for children can be expensive, child support is essential in providing a secure and stable environment for a child to live in. In the event that either parent loses their job or receives a pay increase, the payments can be recalculated, provided that requisite statutory requirements are met. If the parent fails to pay child or spousal support, the conservator, or the parent with custody, may file for an enforcement action. This means a judge may force the offending party to carry out their duties.

Unlike child custody and support, terms of marital property division cannot be modified due to the permanent nature of assets such as real estate and automobiles. However, if a party experienced fraud or undervaluation of assets, they may file for a petition to modify the existing divorce decree. Hidden assets prevent a fair resolution for both parties and should be reported to an Ogden divorce lawyer immediately. By taking action, individuals can obtain their rightful share of assets acquired during their marriage at the soonest possible time.

Burton Law Firm offers trustworthy legal counsel and advises clients on divorce decree modifications such as increasing alimony and altering child custody, support, and visitation agreements, among others. To schedule a consultation with one of their attorneys, visit www.BurtonLawFirmPC.com today.

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