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Sometimes the fault of a failed marriage may fall more on one party than the other. Though it may be tempting to explain to others the cause for your divorce, it simply isn’t necessary.

None of Your Business!

It isn’t anyone’s business to know what led you and your spouse to divorce. You don’t have to reveal anything you don’t feel comfortable with. What you disclose says a lot about your character. Remember, what you say to one person may end up being spread to dozens of others, so don’t disclose anything you don’t want to be public knowledge.

This is even more important when children are involved.

What if your ex is slandering your name all over town? It can be embarrassing knowing people have details about your marriage. The situation can be made worse if your ex is saying things that aren’t true. Sometimes an ex may make up rumors to take some of the heat off themselves if they are ashamed of their own actions.

How to React to Rumors

If you find yourself in the position where someone is confronting you about rumors of your divorce, promptly and directly bring the conversation to a close. You can tell them they have received false information if the statement isn’t true, but leave it at that.

Throwing accusations around or trying to diminish one another’s character has no value in the end.

If the situation turns into a game of slandering each other back and forth it may make it difficult for both of you to move on. If your ex wants to spread rumors around town, don’t stoop to their level. Odds are its only going to be the talk of the town for a short while anyway.

Go through your divorce with class, keep your head held high, and maintain your dignity. You’ll be glad you did.

At Burton Law, we understand not only the legal, but many of the emotional implications of divorce as well. It is our missions to be the family law attorneys you can trust.

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