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Obviously, the impact of a divorce is devastating physically, mentally, financially, and perhaps spiritually depending on your religious conviction.  It is certainly not a decision that should be taken lightly.  These impacts are evident not only towards the divorcing couple but can also impact children, family members, friends, and loved ones.
The impact of divorce is multifaceted.  As for physical ramifications, it can cause serious health issues.  The Journal of Men’s Health reported findings that both men and women suffer higher rates of mortality, increased substance abuse, depression, and illness.  Often, these are brought on by increased amounts of stress.  The hope is that these impacts will be temporary, and individuals and families learn to move forward and progress.  This can be promoted by social networks, professionals, and having supportive friends of family around you.
Divorce can also have positive physical and mental benefits.  For example, if a marriage has suffered longstanding arguing and fighting, both individuals may feel a sense of relief at not having to undergo daily turmoil.  Divorce can also help you find yourself and self-reliance.
If you have exhausted attempts at making your marriage work and feel divorce would benefit your well-being, contact our office today to help us make your experience as positive as possible.

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