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If you’re planning a family vacation for the summer, you may want to consult the time-sharing agreement to understand the availability for your children to travel. Sometimes, depending on your child custody arrangement, traveling with your children can be easy to schedule, however, most of the time it can be complicated to navigate through the legal process and spend time with your children. Our expert Utah child custody attorneys share tips on when a parent needs permission to travel with their children.

Traveling Outside of Utah?

If you are traveling outside of the state of Utah, or if you are planning to travel internationally, you may need to consult your child custody arrangement to ensure your children are free to travel with you, without the other parent’s consent. In some cases, your custody agreement may contain clauses prohibiting a parent from traveling out of state with the child, potentially putting a halt on your travel plans.

If you are in a custody agreement that does not have a clause prohibiting travel, but your travel dates overlap with the other parent’s planned time-sharing; you will need to request permission from the child’s other parent to make the trip and not get in trouble legally.

Don’t Have Permission?

If you are unable to receive the consent of your child’s other parent to travel, you will have to cancel your plans and either plan something within your own time-sharing schedule or something within the state of Utah. Parents that choose to travel with their children without the permission of their children’s other parent can be charged with violating their child custody agreement and other potential severe consequences (such as kidnapping.) 

If you are unable to get in communication with the child’s other parent or have a clause prohibiting traveling internationally in your custody agreement, you may request a court order that may grant you special permission to travel with your child. If you are going to pursue this court order, you will need to demonstrate and prove that you did everything possible to get in contact with your child’s other parent and share your plans for this trip.

Utah’s Expert Child Custody Attorneys

If you share custody of your children and are planning a trip outside of the state of Utah, you will need extra guidance when obtaining the consent of your child’s other parent or a court order to approve the planned trip. Our expert child custody attorneys at Burton Family Law Firm are experienced in helping families find a solution that most works for them. Call our offices during regular business hours to receive your first free consultation.

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