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Parents struggle during the divorce process; however, not much advice is given to the teenagers and children going along with it. Our attorneys at Burton Law find it essential to give children any means to cope with this process, that at the end of the day, they did not ask for. Below are some suggestions for teens dealing with parental divorce. 

Someone You Can Talk To

As emotional beings, it is essential to be open about your feelings and express them, especially during these trying times. Finding a third party can help you convey what you are feeling. Regardless of age, a divorce can lead to a wide variety of overwhelming emotions such as rage or sadness. Find someone that can listen and lighten your emotional load, hopefully, one that can understand and acknowledge what you’re going through.

You DON’T Have to Pick a Side

It’s common for spouses going through a divorce with children to have them become part of their support system against the other party. This is an unhealthy practice, as it can cause many toxic situations and lead to confusion in teens and young adults. Should your parents try to share their side of the story in an attempt to align your sympathy with them, politely tell them that you do not want to get involved. Understand that it is not your drama and you should be left out of it. If they need help and guidance with their problems, suggest they see a therapist or divorce coach to help them make the decisions that best suit their interests. 

Fun Is Not Dead

It’s necessary to take care of yourself, go and hang out with your friends or make some. Have fun! It’s essential to your mental health to build as big of a support group as possible as you go through these overwhelming and confusing times.  

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Support

Anger, guilt, and betrayal are common emotions that teens and adults feel when their parents are going through a divorce. Even if you were an adult, you need empathy, reassurance, and transparency from your parents. You should also have the freedom to express the entirety of your emotions, even anger, without having to feel guilty, choose sides, or be selected as the messenger between parents.

Our expert family law attorneys at Burton Law have been around the block. We know the ins and outs of any possible divorce case. Ultimately, we are here to help the families of every Utahn in need of guidance and support. These are trying times, that unfortunately, destroy many families. Call our attorneys today to get a consultation and see how we can help your family find common ground so that you can transition into your new lifestyle with a positive and healthy mentality. 

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